The Eclectic Songwriters Society (ESS), pronounced "S", was formed in 2017.  We are located in Silicon Valley, California.  The music ranges in style from simple songwriter songs to more complex arrangements.  The music covers many genres, including pop, rock, hot AC, eletronica, chill, easy listening, country, etc).  We are one of the first "Non-Genre" bands!  At this stage, we are focused on writing more music for you, the listener.  We currently are not touring.

The Eclectic Songwriters Society was formed in order to record and publish music that has meaning to the persons in the band.  Our goal is to write songs in various styles and tell real stories about life, some happy, some sad.  

Our primary Producer, Arranger and Musician is Mikey Day (his website:  He has had an interesting career and one of his current "gigs" is as the San Jose Sharks Professional Hockey Team's Organist.  We have also been working with Blake Mohler of  Nashville Pedal Steel and Nate Mondschein of Echo Base Production.  See some pictures in the Photos Section.

Please sign up for our mailing list on the home page (/home-of-ess) and I will alert you when new music arrives.  We consider our fans to be an extension of the band.

James H. Turner,  Band Manager & Songwriter

Please donate to the band so we can produce more music.   These donated funds will only be used for Production Costs to bring new music to you!